Soloist site


Debbie Vinick website
This site has:
  • a professional design
  • editable content
  • an embedded album on 'Listen' page
  • #1 search result for Debbie Vinick on Google

Conductor site


Timothy Carey website
This site has:
  • a photo gallery with pop-out slideshow which the client can edit
  • many editable pages with customisable images

Composer site


This website is tailored to the needs of an established composer, presenting a very large amount of information in an orderly, navigable way. We created a separate page for each piece, added photos and sound clips, and made each piece reachable through a categorised list of works. Photographs on every page add colour, while the black and white "piano key" design reflects Feeney's role as an accompanist.

Philip Feeney website
This site:
  • breaks information into manageable parts
  • includes sound clips and photos of each piece
  • allows the client to upload photos
  • allows the client to edit text (e.g. biography, news, press etc.)
  • #1 search result for Philip Feeney on Google

Hassle Free Christmas Tree website
While we specialise in websites for musicians, we can create a website for you whatever your business is.
This site was turned around in just a few weeks to meet the customer's need to have the site ready in time for the busy Christmas period.

Soloist site


This is typical of a personal website for a soloist who needs an online presence. We kept the layout simple and user-friendly, so visitors can read about Emilia's past, current and future work as easily as possible. We made photographs a priority, with a different pictures on each page and a separate, interactive gallery.

Emilia Hughes website
This site:
  • creates an air of quality through simple design
  • displays photos in an interactive gallery
  • includes pages requested by the client
  • allows the client to edit photos and text (e.g. repertoire list, performance diary, biography, press, etc.)
  • #1 search result for Emilia Hughes on Google

Ensemble site


This a typical website for a musical ensemble who are looking to receive online bookings. Visitors can get to know Pentagon Brass through sound clips, repertoire lists and testimonials; making an enquiry is a simple next step. We gave this site a classy appeal, with the metallic sheen of a brass ensemble.

Pentagon Brass website
This site:
  • creates a brand identity through smart design
  • plays mp3s of the ensemble's music
  • includes pages requested by the client
  • allows the client to edit text (e.g. individual biographies, testimonials, repertoire list, performances, etc.)
  • #1 search result for Pentagon Brass on Google